We pride in our honesty & transparency

We pride ourselves on the integrity and quality of our work, we deal with our clients with the utmost transparency.​

In an industry like the forex trading market, it is often difficult to find those who you can trust, fair and just enough to take account of their results. At NiclaxFX, we accept our losses and celebrate our victories, we understand forex trading is a business and we treat it as such. Our primary goal is to build a lifelong positive relationship with you being our esteemed client. 

🌼 USD-CHF Running 60+ Pips
🌼 EUR-USD trade triggered and running
🌼 Gold trade running 120+pips
🎯 As always after 50pips lock profits to BE, keep channel notifications on and wait further instructions if need be.

🌼 EUR-USD made a pinch on our SL, for now guys do not re-enter trade, chart still on our watchlist and upon failure to breakout the resistance zone we may likely re-enter trade with a clear confirmation till then we have no running trades and we advice you wait our instructions before any other actions.